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Within 5 years, Outwood will be a beacon of community-led, low-carbon sustainable living and an inspiration to current and future generations.

Sustainable Outwood is facilitating community-led initiatives to achieve a sustainable, resilient future for Outwood.

The focus is on:

- Reducing carbon emissions

- Reducing waste

- Enhancing biodiversity

The initiatives are diverse and accessible.

We strive to make sustainable living achievable, engaging and fully integrated in the day-to-day life of Outwood.

Vision and Mission 

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Sustainable Outwood Committee

Fi Mellington - Co-Chair and Project Manager Feasibility Study

Liz Peacock - Co-Chair, Terracycle and Facebook

Nick Wyer - Vice-Chair Outwood Parish Council

and Project Manager Feasibility Study

Catherine Baart - Project Manager Feasibility Study

Chris Yeldham - Project Manager Feasibility Study

Mary Briggs - Communications

Anna Malley - Committee Member

Jo Floyd - Committee Member

Steve Challis - Committee Member

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  Helen Troup is the  lead Project Manager from Avieco for the Feasibility Study

Contact Us

For information about the Feasibility Study or to express interest in becoming part of the Outwood Focus Group please contact Helen Troup of Avieco by email at

For information about our recycling project please contact Liz by email at

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