Community-led initiatives achieving a sustainable and resilient future

Sustainable Outwood is facilitating community-led initiatives to achieve a sustainable, resilient future for Outwood.

The focus is on:

- Reducing carbon emissions

- Reducing waste

- Enhancing biodiversity

The initiatives are diverse and accessible.

We strive to make sustainable living achievable, engaging and fully integrated in the day-to-day life of Outwood.


  • The current crisis requires immediate action.

  • 2010-2019 was the warmest ever decade on record.

  • CO2 levels and other greenhouse gases continue to rise to new levels.

  • The British Government has set a target of bringing greenhouse gas emission to net-zero by 2050.

  • The Paris Agreement of 2015 aims to strengthen the global response to the threats.

The Need


In early 2021 we successfully secured grant funding of £36,000 from the Rural Community Energy Fund.


This grant is funding a feasibility study lasting 3-4 months (March-June 2021) to explore the viability of community renewable energy sources to move away from the village’s reliance on oil and LPG gas for heating and hot water.


                         Click here for more details of the feasibility study

                                  and to find out how you can get involved.


We are recycling items that are not collected in our recycling waste.

The crisp packet recycling bins are located in the rear car park of The Bell Inn -

go round the back of the recycling bins to access it.


Villagers have expressed an interest in setting up a Repair Shop in the village. This would provide a a space for people to recycle and update items such as furniture.

Community Composting project has also been suggested. This would facilitate garden recycling and then provide villagers with compost.


grant awarded!

Within 5 years, Outwood will be a beacon of community-led, low-carbon sustainable living and an inspiration to current and future generations.

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The feasibility study will primarily be looking at the potential for a heat network to be developed in the village. For more details about heat networks and links to other villages who are doing similar projects click  here .


Outwood is a beautiful village in Surrey, close to the borders of Kent and Sussex. With a population of about 550 people the village boasts significant National Trust land, beautiful walking, a windmill, church, village hall, MUGA,  butcher shop,

two pubs and a cricket club. 

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Sustainable Outwood is a sub-committee of

Outwood Parish Council

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